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Bookkeeping services singaporeOur goal at OS1 is to become the most trusted and preferred providers of bookkeeping services in Singapore.

This we achieve by only rendering top-quality services that are effective, direct, and results-targeted to all our clients. Our team of passionate professionals and experienced accountants work with integrity, confidentiality, and accuracy, employing financial best practices and money saving strategies.

We know that growing your business is your main concern and our services help you dedicate more time to concentrating on business opportunities and managing its core functions.

We will fulfill all the regulatory requirements of the Inland Revenue Authority (IRAS) and the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) by maintaining complete and proper documentation. This means: higher productivity, greater gains, and lesser cost with minimal fuss for you and your company.

Why Us?

Competitive Pricing & No Hidden Fees

Our service fees are transparent with no hidden fees. We are confident that you will find that our fees are one of the most competitive in the market. If truth be told, when you look at the overall rates in the industry, we may be the best option amongst reputable firms in the market.

Integrated Service Offerings

Our services encompass the startup of your company, managing your taxes and accounts, assistance in compliance obligations, corporate administration and in some cases, processing business cessation.

Value Based Pricing

Our fees are not decided by what other bookkeeping service providers in Singapore are charging, but through a value-based approach which we believe, will maximize the value you receive for your money. We work with this model because we know how important it is to find the right helpers at the right fees, and how far it will go in keeping things moving when things gets tough during the critical early stages of your business.

Fast Response Time

Our typical response time to emails or messages that we receive is usually within the day of receipt or within the next working day. No one else guarantees that.

Openness to Sharing

Our open minded approach means that we always share our knowledge and experience with our clients to improve their understanding of their legal and regulatory obligations.

How it Works?

When you engage OS1 Enterprise for bookkeeping services, we will work with you personally on your business accounting needs. Based on the financial documents you submit to us on a regular periodical basis, we will review and organize the information submitted to create and maintain your accounts ledger using Cloud Accounting Software.

You will need to keep all the items but not limited to as detailed below for bookkeeping purposes:

  • Sales invoices
  • Purchase orders/invoices
  • Bank statements
  • Payment vouchers
  • Journal vouchers
  • Payroll summary
  • Tenancy agreement/invoices
  • Fixed asset register
  • Inventory listing
  • Statement of borrowing/hire purchase
  • Schedule for monitoring revenue generated and cost of sales/expenses paid during the year
  • Debtor and creditor control (unpaid or un-receipted invoices), etc

We will also help monitor statutory compliance issues and work with you to ensure that you understand all the accounts reports.

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