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Practical, cost-effective bookkeeping services for small- and medium-sized businesses!

Want to boost your company’s profits and returns? Freeing up your workload with our competitively priced, professional and reliable bookkeeping services will help you focus on growing your business.

We Offer Outsourced Bookkeeping Services in Singapore from
S$50/month or S$150/quarter or S$600/year (Up to 25 line items in monthly bank statements)

** Every additional 25 line items are chargeable at S$50 per month

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Bookkeeping services singaporeOur goal at OS1 is to become the most trusted and preferred providers of bookkeeping services in Singapore.

This we achieve by only rendering top-quality services that are effective, direct, and results-targeted to all our clients. Our team of passionate professionals and experienced accountants work with integrity, confidentiality, and accuracy, employing financial best practices and money saving strategies.

We know that growing your business is your main concern and our services help you dedicate more time to concentrating on business opportunities and managing its core functions.

We will fulfill all the regulatory requirements of the Inland Revenue Authority (IRAS) and the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) by maintaining complete and proper documentation. This means: higher productivity, greater gains, and lesser cost with minimal fuss for you and your company.

Outsource All or Parts of Your Accounting to Our Team

Bookkeeping singaporeBookkeeping is more complex when compared to a few years ago. It went well beyond checking a few boxes and bringing in monthly reports. Thanks to Xero, a professional accounting solution, you get to know the state of your business each day, and the results can even impress you a lot. You will have access to a dedicated dashboard, and you will have no problem accessing the benefits and convenience you may need.

Our team can make sure that all the transactions are handled adequately, and we will do our best to eliminate any potential problems that can appear from tasks like these. Thanks to us, you can eliminate the bogging, challenging tasks and complete everything in record time.

Our team can automate the following:

  • Recurring bills
  • Bill payment and processing
  • Account reconciliation
  • Expense report reconciliation
  • Receipt reconciliation

Moreover, we can easily reconcile Xero in order integrate with your online sales channels, project management tools that you use and merchant services. Our accounting services are designed to offer you the value and efficiency you want. Moreover, you get the best advice and immediate feedback according to the reports. And you get to have all of this for a monthly fee that’s really small!

Thanks to our accounting services, you get to focus on the future and deliver some really impressive results in no time. Dealing with accounting and tax questions is frustrating and not a pleasant experience. You should be planning your business, not handle this. That’s why we created this service, to remove the hassle and make your experience a lot better and more rewarding.

The cloud-based system we used is all about convenience, and it delivers the accounting services you always needed. We also make sure that you receive the best support and advice so you can grow your business and take it to new heights. Our team also has a virtual CFO as well as tax professionals to help you with any compliance issues.

With the right guidance and approach, you won’t have a problem handling your finances the right way. Thanks to our virtual CFO, dedicated accountant and tax team, you will get the experience and results you want in no time. If you want to outsource your accounting to a reliable team of professionals and receive real-time advice, just get in touch with us. Call us @ 6873-2886 or 9889-4776, or email us @ [email protected] and you will immediately speak with one of our team members!



hire if you can Outsource your Accounting/Bookkeeping Functions Conveniently?

Bookkeeping services singaporeWe provide both inbound (at our office) and outbound (at client office) bookkeeping services for the preparation of full set accounts and other accounting/administration related tasks and job scopes in Singapore. Clients can choose to have their accounts maintained at the convenience of their office or ours. Please read on our success stories here.


Our Bookkeping Services

  • Bookkeeping and maintenance of accounting records
  • Sorting, coding and classification of underlying records
  • Recording of transaction into the accounting software
  • Maintaining general ledger, sales and purchase, journal ledgers
  • Maintaining fixed assets register & accounting schedules
  • Review and/or bank, account receivables & payables reconciliation
  • Maintenance of accounting records
  • GST accounting and reporting


Accounting related/Administration works

  • Trade/other payables processing
  • Disbursement process management
  • Raising of sales invoices
  • Raising of credit and debit note
  • Sending statement of accounts and reminders to trade receivables

it Works?

Our Inbound Bookkeeping Services

We maintain the accounts at our office. Clients need to arrange for the physical documents to be sent to us or upload the soft copies to a secured cloud storage account like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box Sync or others. It is more suitable for smaller companies and businesses with less and simple transactions which do not require as much face to face communication.

When you engage OS1 Enterprise for inbound bookkeeping services, we will work with you personally on your business accounting needs. Based on the financial documents you submit to us on a regular monthly/quarterly/yearly basis, we will review and organize the information submitted to create and maintain your accounts ledger using Cloud Accounting Software. Please read on our case studies here.

You will need to keep all the items but not limited to as detailed below for bookkeeping purposes:

  • Sales invoices
  • Purchase orders/invoices
  • Bank statements
  • Payment vouchers
  • Journal vouchers
  • Payroll summary
  • Tenancy agreement/invoices
  • Fixed asset register
  • Inventory listing
  • Statement of borrowing/hire purchase
  • Schedule for monitoring revenue generated and cost of sales/expenses paid during the year
  • Debtor and creditor control (unpaid or un-receipted invoices), etc

We will also help monitor statutory compliance issues and work with you to ensure that you understand all the accounts reports.

Information gathered from bookkeeping also enables various accounting reports to be generated such as

  • Income statement
  • Balance sheet
  • Cash flow statement
  • Fixed assets registers
  • Bank reconciliation report
  • Debtors and Creditor aging report
  • and other management reports

which provide insight for efficient financial management and in turn better business decisions. Our accounting sofware- Xero enables view and share over 40 interactive reports and budgets in real time – no waiting for month end to see how your business is performing. You can download some of the sample Xero Reports here for your reference: Demo Company (Global) - Management Report Demo Company (Global) - Bank Reconciliation Demo Company (Global) - General Ledger Report(109)


Our Bookkeeping Inbound Process

Step 1

We will setup a secure Dropbox or Google drive or Other Cloud Storage account in the cloud to receive all relevant information or documents from you (sales & purchases invoices, payment vouchers, receipts, bank statements, Salary slips, CPF statements etc...). You then send all your information using this secure cloud account on a daily, weekly or monthly basis as agreed in advance.

Step 2

We will analyze the information/documents in the cloud account and make sure no information is missed out to complete your bookkeeping. Along the way, we will communicate with you for any questions arising out the financial recording and request for any missing information. Upon receipt of all information, we will update your books using Xero or MYOB or any other accounting software as agreed.

We will give you user access right to our cloud accounting software- Xero. So that you will have 24/7 access to real-time data. Alternatively, we will email the financial report to you upon completion of your bookkeeping. We will also answer any questions that you may have and prepare any customized reports if you need them.

Our Bookkeeping Outbound Services

Bookkeeping outsourcing is the business methodology of outsourcing a segment or the majority of the accounting capacities important to keep the business operational. While the idea of outsourcing is frequently connected with little and medium measured organizations, vast enterprises may likewise outsource their accounting needs to a dependable accounting firms in Singapore.

We maintain the accounts at client offices for better communication and convenience for our clients using your Accounting Software or our Xero Accounting Software. The time spent at client offices ranges from one to a few days a week. It is more suitable for medium to large companies and businesses with significant transactions which require more face to face communication. Please read on our success stories here.

You will need to keep all the items but not limited to as detailed below for bookkeeping purposes:

  • Sales invoices
  • Purchase orders/invoices
  • Bank statements
  • Payment vouchers
  • Journal vouchers
  • Payroll summary
  • Tenancy agreement/invoices
  • Fixed asset register
  • Inventory listing
  • Statement of borrowing/hire purchase
  • Schedule for monitoring revenue generated and cost of sales/expenses paid during the year
  • Debtor and creditor control (unpaid or un-receipted invoices), etc

We will also help monitor statutory compliance issues and work with you to ensure that you understand all the accounts reports.



Should You Outsource Your Bookkeeping to Us?

Competitive Pricing & No Hidden Fees

Our service fees are transparent with no hidden fees. We are confident that you will find that our fees are one of the most competitive in the market. If truth be told, when you look at the overall rates in the industry, we may be the best option amongst reputable firms in the market.

Integrated Service Offerings

Our services encompass the startup of your company, managing your taxes and accounts, assistance in compliance obligations, corporate administration and in some cases, processing business cessation.

Value Based Pricing

Our fees are not decided by what other bookkeeping service providers in Singapore are charging, but through a value-based approach which we believe, will maximize the value you receive for your money. We work with this model because we know how important it is to find the right helpers at the right fees, and how far it will go in keeping things moving when things gets tough during the critical early stages of your business.

Fast Response Time

Our typical response time to emails or messages that we receive is usually within the day of receipt or within the next working day. No one else guarantees that.

Openness to Sharing

Our open minded approach means that we always share our knowledge and experience with our clients to improve their understanding of their legal and regulatory obligations.

We welcome inquiries. Please allow us to get in touch within 2 working days after submitting any inquiries.
Alternatively, you can call +65 6873-2886 or Call/SMS +65 9889-4776 to speak with our friendly   accountant.

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Testimonials - Happy Client, Happy Business

  • “I confirm that I have dealt with O.S.1 Pte Ltd since Aug 2011, during which time they have provided my business with excellent support in the area of account services. Their work has help us in smoothening the account activities in our company enabling us to have reliable and dependable report to our HQ in Japan on time.”
    Frankie Ong, Senior Manager of Sumiden International Trading (S) Pte Ltd
  • “We look to O.S.1 to take care of our tax preparations and accounting needs. They are highly responsive and a pleasure to work with. We are very satisfied with their services.”
    P.K.Kakoulidis Shipping Singapore Pte Ltd
  • “Nicole has done a fantastic job managing my small business accounts in the consulting and education sector. She works accurately and efficiently, is friendly and approachable, uses the right tools to get the job done and is flexible to meet changes in circumstances.”
    Hugh Terry, Rain Trees Kindergarten Pte Ltd
  • “Nicole (Or OS1 Pte Ltd) is one of the few professional accountants whom I’ve come across who is meticulous & detailed in her work. She listens attentively to our company’s needs, and able to advise us on various scenarios & alternatives choices for our company, be it for new set up or expansion. Her patience & valuable experience has also made us feel like she’s part of our business team, instead of just an accountant. Many times, she has extended extra effort to provide us with invaluable-added service, which has once again strengthen her comparative strength over others.”
    Kellin Chan – OIG International Pte Ltd
  • “Ms Nicole, not only get us registered, she’s to do and file our monthly CPF Contributions for our Employee (E-Filing) and update employee contributions when necessary in regards to their age limits and skills development Levy / Benefits. Objectivity to run the company smoothly with less “Paper Work”. If you want the same benefits, you should use O.S.1 Pte Ltd.”
    Mr Eddie H.P.Tan , Gloss & Glow Pte Ltd
  • “Nicole provides a very professional accountancy service. She’s extremely helpful, efficient, pleasant to do business with, goes above and beyond, and is prompt in returning e-mails. I would not hesitate to recommend her services.”
    Maimunah Alhabshi, Project Spirituality
  • “Nicole has always handled her work with responsibility and pride. She is also very neat and tidy with her work. Nicole is also very fast and quick in her all her work and always leave a very good impression in all her work. She is also very hardworking and devoted to her work. Therefore, I would want to thanks her for all her hard works and effort and congratulate for her new company.”
    KK.Teow, Director of Baker Deli One Pte Ltd

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