From S$20/month (up to 5 Employees)!

Payroll Processing- Smooth and Hassle Free

Wouldn’t you rather spend time working on things that you love doing?

Payroll can seem tedious. Let O.S.1 handle it for you – leaving you free to focus on the core activities of your business. We will process payment instructions, produce statutory reports, salary reports, and electronic payslips for online viewing by specific personnel, and file bank payments for you.

OS1 Enterprise- Payroll Processing Services

Payroll services singaporeFor every company, payroll processing is one of the biggest challenges. It’s an aspect that you cannot afford to get wrong – for everyone’s sake. It requires intense concentration and is enormously time-consuming. And if all your company’s accounting functions are being handled by just one person, or a small team, the possibility of payroll error is a constant threat.

Many business owners have seen the benefits of using OS1 Enterprise to manage their payroll processing. It saves them money, saves them time, and takes away the worry. We have a dedicated team who use the latest specialised payroll software to prepare all the weekly, monthly or year-end reports, forms, slips, returns and documents that you need to stay on the right side of the track, and keep your employees happy.

Outsource your payroll processing to us, and let us take care of salaries, commissions, bonuses, allowances, benefits, expenses, leave and unused leave, CPF contributions, and termination payments. We also deal with other statutory payroll deductions such as Foreign Worker Levy, and Skill Development Levy to the Central Provident Fund Board.

The entire process is confidential, automated, accurate, and always on-time.

Our Payroll Processing Services includes:

  1. When you select OS1 Enterprise to process your payroll, you can be confident that the result will be accurate and on-time. One of our payroll specialists will work with you and manage all your payroll activity. In fact, you never have to worry again about getting the wages right!
  2. Our payroll specialist will ask you for relevant personnel and wage rates information and documents, and we will then set up a customised payroll ledger integrating all the required data and personal details that you have supplied.
  3. To a predetermined schedule, we will process the weekly, two-weekly or monthly payroll, make or arrange payment to employees by your preferred method, and make statutory tax and other payments to the relevant authorities. In addition, all company and personal payroll reports are completed, and we will issue Form IR8As and file annual statutory returns.

When a business owner starts wearing too many hats at the same time, it’s time to consider the advantages of payroll outsourcing!