Xero Cloud Accounting


Everything you need to run your business, beautifully See all your bank balances, invoices, bills and expense claims at a glance and add new transactions with a click.


We make your business work better IT’S TRUE… with our Xero Cloud Accounting services, streamlining your accounting processes will mean more business efficiency – leading to reduced operating costs and more time to increase your revenues. And this means greater profitability for you. When you work with us, you’ll find that we don’t just focus on the big things. We look at your business holistically – everything matters, and everything counts in our xero cloud accounting services.

Outsourced Bookkeeping and Account Management

  • More time for your customers. Letting us handle your bookkeeping will free you up to concentrate on the more important aspects of running your business. We’ll deal with all those debits and credits quickly and accurately – and of course, outsourcing those tedious bookkeeping tasks will ultimately help with your bottom line.

Invoice & Receipt Management – keep track of your expenses

Every lost receipt means an unclaimed expense – which means lost money for your business. So it’s important that every invoice, bill or receipt is recorded and stored quickly and securely. We have a scanning solution that you can use to swiftly convert these documents into data that can then be sent for processing into your financial accounts.

Xero Online Accounting – perfectly in tune with your business

  • If yours is a small business running Sage, Quickbooks, Excel, or a similar complex accounting software system, the easy-to-use Xero Online Accounting System is for you. We recommend Xero, and we support it fully whenever you need us. You’ll find that transition is a smooth and simple process. We’ll pay for, set up and teach you how to do your accounting tasks online from your Mac, PC, tablet or phone.

Integrating Mobile Apps – Xero is the answer

Integrating third party mobile apps with your Xero Online Accounting Software will instantly improve the efficiency and profitability of your business – saving you time and money, and enhancing your service to your customers. We’ll help to smoothly integrate your payments, stock management, admin tasks, accounts tasks, and other business information so that you have it at all your fingertips.

Xero Support

There is nothing like having the back-room support of a competent expert to call upon. Our Xero support service provides the peace of mind of being certain you’ve got everything right. Whether you have just implemented Xero, or you have been using it for a while, you can call on use to verify that all is correct and on track.If it’s a matter of not having the time to keep your Xero system or your bookkeeping up to date, we are here to give you a helping hand – all the time, or just when you need us. Or we will help you to make the transition to Xero and support you through processes until you are confident enough to handle it yourself.

Xero Training

We will teach you how to do your own bookkeeping and run your business on Xero. We’ll assess your current situation and recommend improvements – and then personalise a training session so that you and your business are all set and confident to get the most out of Xero.Xero training is conducted in Singapore and is designed to get you familiar with using Xero in the shortest possible time; to make sure that you understand all its features, and then make use of those features to manage and grow your business.Our Xero training sessions can be as short or as long as you need – we can adapt and customise training to suit your time constraints. However, to get the best out of an investment we recommend you set aside a full day to become totally familiar with Xero. For those who benefit from face-to-face training we can come to your office, or you can come to ours. We can even set up online training via Skype or through a webinar.

  • Xero Training Courses- We run a series of specific training courses, each designed to help Xero users get the most from the software, and maximise the power of Xero to benefit their businesses. We offer a number of targeted courses to assist users both new and existing.
  • Beyond Xero Essentials- Once we have set up Xero for you, you will gain enormously from fully understanding how to use Xero it to its best advantage. The Beyond Xero Essentials course is also ideal for existing users to become refreshed and familiarised with updates and new features.
  • Managing Debtors- It’s critical that you get paid on time. We’ll teach you how to use the sales dashboard to chase debtors, send customer statements, and much more.
  • Xero Add-ons- Help improve business efficiency. We will teach you how to use each cloud-based add-on to enhance your business.
  • Xero Payroll- We will show you how you can benefit from using Xero Payroll. You will learn about setting up payroll, setting up employees, setting up the pay template, processing pay runs, and producing payroll reports.
  • All about GST- We will teach you how to compile, review, edit and submit GST returns to the IRAS directly from Xero.
  • Bookkeeping Basics- We will show you the basics of bookkeeping in such a way that you can become productive almost immediately.
  • Invoicing and Expense Claims- It’s important that you become familiar with the essentials of invoicing and expense claims. So we make sure you are competent and comfortable handling these transactions.
  • Reports and Budgets- Xero includes a range of powerful and very useful reports as standard. We will show you how to access these and how they can help you manage your business effectively
  • Banking Processes- The bank reconciliation process in Xero is straightforward, but to get the best out of it we will show you how to save time on manual entries and how to fully understand all the features.
  • Bookkeeper Training- Designed for bookkeepers to assist them to become an expert Xero user. We will teach you all about the advanced features of Xero.

Features of Beautiful Xero Software

Online Accounting Services

Online Accounting

Your critical information at a glance! - It’s easy to find your bank or credit card balances – they are all on one screen. One tap and you can see a snapshot of your overdue bills and invoices in a graph. If you’re on the move, you can reconcile accounts at any time, anywhere.

Security Input

Bank Vault Like Security

Your information is in the cloud, but your your feet are on the ground - All your accounting data is safe and super secure and only you have access to it. This means you can operate from your office, your home or when you are out and about. We know that security is paramount, so we constantly monitor security to ensure it is impenetrable.



Faster invoicing and payments means you’re in control - At any time you can create an invoice or action a payment. Debits and credits are all tracked automatically. Create professional recurring invoices and schedule bill payments to manage cash-flow. Payments, returns and credits are all tracked automatically.


Take a Snap of Your Receipts & Invoices

Camera Power - Use your mobile camera to take a snapshot of an invoice or receipt as soon as you get it, and save it to your data in you own cloud account. That way there will be no more lost items.


Xero Add-Ons

Xero integrates with a myriad of productivity add-ons, each of which provides specialised benefits to suit an individual business. We can advise on which add-ons best match your needs and guide you through the operating process to maximise their potential.

accounting & Bookkeeping services


Know your status - View all of your accounts data on your Xero dashboard – invoices, bank balances, expenses, bills – just click or tap. Everything is in real time and completely up to date.

Certified Xero Online Accounting Software Advisors

We are certified Xero Accountants in Singapore. We will set you up with Xero and teach you how to use it.

Xero Certified Advisor

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