Why Us?

Here at OS1, we have a vision of redefining the way the world sees accounting.

OS1 stands for

(O)rganization, (S)atisfaction, and operating as our valued clients (1)st port of call.

Our Vision

1. We firmly believe that accounting and bookkeeping should not be stressful, time-consuming or costly. Our mission is to combine seasoned wisdom with a youthful outlook to improve businesses both small and large.

2. We shall equip our clients with powerful, intelligent cloud tools that track performance for better business.

3. We adhere to global industry standards, whilst taking our clients’ convenience to new heights. Client satisfaction is our promise. Everything we do is handled with the utmost professionalism and responsibility, allowing companies to focus on the more important aspects of their growing business.

Why We Do It?

We aim to be your strategic growth partner; than just your Singapore accounting experts. Whatever success means to you, we want you to achieve it.

We are a team of professionals that is trained, experienced and ready to solve all of your accounting needs. Our holistic approach has helped us not only help companies - but also make friends, protect them and pass down our knowledge to each and every client of ours.

Having the right knowledge, the needed experience and the proper accounting practices at hand, we are ready to become your most reliable Singapore accountants, business advisors and automation experts that will help you grow at every step along the way.

How We Work?

Anyone can Crunch the Numbers

  • We believe that providing great accounting services in Singapore is about more than just crunching the numbers. That is why you’ll meet with your OS1 accountant once a year to talk about your business, your plans for the future and how we can help you save tax.
  • These meetings take place on the phone or via Skype, although you can visit our offices if you’d prefer to meet face-to-face.

Month 11- Tax Planning

  • It is imperative that you speak with your accountant before the end of your financial year – if you leave it until after your Year End, it is too late to do tax planning!
  • At this meeting, we’ll discuss ways to reduce your personal and corporation tax liabilities prior to the Year End, looking at the most recent rule changes; government schemes to help small businesses.
  • We’ll also talk about where your business is heading and discuss ways that you can grow quicker & more profitably.

Accounts Review

  • Included in your monthly fee is a review of your accounts system to make sure you’re keeping good records, everything is in the right place and you’re claiming everything you should be claiming under our accounting services Singapore.

Telephone & Email Support

  • As part of your service, you will also have telephone & e-mail access to your accountant to answer any ad hoc queries you may have.
  • If your query requires further research, we will issue a quotation for the extra work and seek your permission before commencing it. You will never receive surprise bills!

Should You Outsource to Us?

We Embrace Cloud Technology

Cloud accountant

OS1 combines years of professional experience with cloud technology solutions to get you on the right business track. We provide timely, accurate, and meaningful financial information so that you will have information at your fingertips. We also connect the best people with the best processes, and ultimately deliver the best results.

Happy Clients

accounting & Bookkeeping services

Our hands-on approach works well because existing client’s say how pleased they are with the very efficient and competent way we manage their business matters, so be assured that you will experience the same level of professionalism and attention to detail.

Cut Down on your Costs

You don't need to hire an in-house accounting or bookkeeping team - our outsourced finance management in Singapore eliminates all the hefty expenses and lets you save in productivity and payroll costs.

  • We fully understand the value/service/outcome ratio, and our services are priced accordingly: they are competitive, and represent exceptional value for money. You may find cheaper, but you will not find more cost-effective. Having a good or bad accountant on your side can make or break your business.

Access To a Team of Skilled Accountants Who Worked With Small & Medium Businesses

Company Formation Services

Our focus is to work with you while you grow your business, being a team of skilled accountants having accustomed to working with different kinds of businesses.

  • We do not use trainees or juniors but only experienced staff with Accounting Degree, CPA and ACCA qualification when it comes to the critical aspect of client management.

Let's build your business, together!

Take a few minutes and send us your requirements and we will be back with a solution.